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Cat Beach Penang


As promised in my previous entry, I would tell you bout one of the cat Sanctuary that I found in Penang. Actually, I found this on google, as I'm very eager to adopt a kitten. Well I dont really purchase cat, cause I think it is more reasonable to adopt a cat than shop them. As I did to Didi previously.

Well actually korang boleh je google this place that I about to mentioned. Located at Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang. Google je Cat Beach Penang and you can directly see the website. So, I did the same thing, and it manage to lead me to this place.

First time i've been here, I meet this one uncle, dia suruh panggil Nana Nazar (ayah kepada Nazar) yang dikelilingi 70+ ekor kucing jalanan. He just a fisherman and he is 50+ years old. Cant you just imagine??? He is actually not capable in money term and he is old enough to take care of 70+ cats. But somehow he still use all his cents to take care of all this cats.

He safe cats that been tortured by inhumanity human and he give…

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