Cat Beach Penang


As promised in my previous entry, I would tell you bout one of the cat Sanctuary that I found in Penang. Actually, I found this on google, as I'm very eager to adopt a kitten. Well I dont really purchase cat, cause I think it is more reasonable to adopt a cat than shop them. As I did to Didi previously.

Well actually korang boleh je google this place that I about to mentioned. Located at Tanjung Bungah, Pulau Pinang. Google je Cat Beach Penang and you can directly see the website. So, I did the same thing, and it manage to lead me to this place.

First time i've been here, I meet this one uncle, dia suruh panggil Nana Nazar (ayah kepada Nazar) yang dikelilingi 70+ ekor kucing jalanan. He just a fisherman and he is 50+ years old. Cant you just imagine??? He is actually not capable in money term and he is old enough to take care of 70+ cats. But somehow he still use all his cents to take care of all this cats.
Nana Nazar's Assistant : Poppy

He safe cats that been tortured by inhumanity human and he give hospitality to homeless cats. He really has a pure heart. Tempat dia betul betul kat pantai. So you can actually see lots of cats jalan jalan kat pantai. They are so cute!! They very manja too. They want you to carry them and they even jump to your back and follow you everywhere you go. Isnt it adorable?
Cat by the beach

Beside his place, ada sorang mat salleh yang buat benda yang sama, but she took care more lots of stray cats. Mungkin sebab family and her friend give her support, so dia boleh jaga 200+ cats. The thing yang I very adore bout this outsiders, their humanity and they actually do something bout it.

Ni bukan negara diorang pon, but cause they concern, they took care of this stray cats.Benda paling kesian happen to them, dah lah diorang pon kais pagi makan pagi je nak jaga kucing kucing ni. Yang hantar kat diorang pon ade, and semua tak kasi(mandulkan). So the value of cats gettin bigger and bigger and hard for them to support this kind of huge amount. Kesian kan? makanan kucing bukan murah ye kawan kawan, apatah lagi maintenance diorang.
Some of them have to be quarantine, to avoid spreading illness to other cats or cause they love to fight..haha

So thats why I want to be organization to help them out, they need us! they need society to build awareness and help them. Well for now I only capable to help them around Penang area. But somehow, i will keep expanding and looking forward for other place too. So please guys! we need your help. Spread the news and help all this homeless cats!

You can always donate cat foods, supplements or cat needs to me! and we dont received any money form. See you guys in next entry. Til then.........

Thank you and have a nice day!


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