Cat Charity


Didi The Cat Charity ditubuhkan bagi membantu menyelamatkan kucing jalanan yang desperately need our help. Well sorry for my multi language haha as this is not a formal blog. So let's santai je okay!

Didi- is actually from my cat's name yang I actually take care for him for just 8 months as someone stole him from me. He is just a stray cat. When I found him, he just 2 months old. So tiny and weak, however he is very cheeky and adorable. He is more than a pet, he is my son, cause he deserve all my love.
Didi when he was 2 months old

Cat Charity- This blog is actually for cat's lover! ye, only untuk yang cintakan kucing, someone who treat cats more than just a cat. If you get what i mean lah kan. Kucing pon macam manusia jugak. They have needs and love like us. Cumanya kucing ni tak berakal, at least manusia, can always figure out something if they dont have enough source for their needs. Kucing ni, kalau bersepah je dibunuh! kalau menyusahkan je dibunuh! Its a God creature! hamba Allah jugak. They deserve our love too. So that is why i decide to make this charity blog.

WE DONT RECEIVED ANY MONEY. We just need you guys to donate some food, medicine, supplements or some grooming stuffs for these stray cats. We have no specific amount. As sincere as you want to donate. Lebihan makanan kucing anda pon kami terima. As long as u sincere to donate to us.

And we will show you the proof that your donation sampai kepada kucing jalanan. Well actually you can do it by yourself if you want to. If you find any stray cat around your place, please please please give to them first!!

For me, I was helping a fisherman located at Teluk Bahang, Penang, Malaysia. His name is NANA, he just an old 60 years old man that took care of 70 stray cats all by himself! He just a fisherman tho, but he used his own money to took care all those cats cause He love cat and fight for cat's right!

I will update bout his place at Cats Beach Penang, Malaysia on my next update ya! Till then.......

Thank you and have a nice day!!


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